The rules have changed...
Today people are constantly bombarded with advertisements and entertainment options. You need to make sure that you captivate your audience to ensure that your message is received.

This can be through various means depending upon the situation. A fine restaurant may need an inconspicuous but high quality background music system to enhance guests' dining experience. Auditoriums and sanctuaries need performance systems that improve the entertainment or worship service without causing unnecesary distractions. Clubs and performance venues need sound systems that will capture their audiences and keep them entertained all night.

Cobra Sound can help you exceed your performance system expectations through careful analysis of your needs, thoughtful system design, elegant execution and installation, personalized training, and extended support.

Sound Systems

Budget conscious sound system design and installation.  Cobra Sound can provide a complete solution including often overlooked areas such as ideal electrical outlet and A/V jack locations, proper sizing of conduit, optimized electrical power distribution, and upgradeability.  Special care is also taken to adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act and provide hearing assistance systems for hearing impaired patrons.

Digital Signage and Advertising Systems
Would you like to draw attention to a new menu item, service offering, or product?  Digital signage and advertising systems can help you reach new customers quickly and effectively.  Digital signage can also be incorporated into interactive kiosks and information booths.

Video Systems

Cobra Sound offers High impact distributed video and video projection systems.   Specializing in making the systems easy to use and highly beneficial to your worship service, business environment, or home theater.  A large format video projection system can take your patrons' experience to the next level.

Theatrical Stage  and Environment Lighting
Often an after thought, proper stage and environment lighting is crucial to creating the ideal environment for your patrons.  In a worhsip or performance space, optimized lighitng levels help to better connect your audience to the performers or message coming from the stage.  In restaurant or retail contexts, lighting can be used to highlight key products or areas and also to help create an inviting space for your patrons.


Extensive planning and forethought with skillful execution results in an elegant system installation.  By leveraging previous experience and sound judgement Cobra Sound will ensure that the system is properly installed, configured, and tuned for it's environment and your needs.  All system installations include complete diagrams and schematics, neatly wired and labeled equipment racks, and secure but easy access for servicing and upgradeability.


An Audio/Video system is useless if it's too difficult for its endusers to understand and use it properly.  Cobra Sound works diligently to design intelligent solutions that are intuitive and easy to use.  Cobra Sound also thoroughly trains the system endusers and provides ongoing support to ensure that you are able to make effective use of your A/V systems.